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Jan 17, 2022
The description says these headphones will be outfitted with "HIFIMAN’s innovative Topology Diaphragms", the same diaphragms found in the HE-R10D headphones ($1299), which also feature (bulging) wood cups. So the HE-R7DX appears to be a trickle-down product with plastic cups and HIFIMAN's lighter, older-style headband. If Drop can get the price and tuning right, they could have a winner here.
Jan 15, 2022
Keep the headband, keep the price low and tune it well, and this will 30k units.
Jan 15, 2022
Also I have never seen hifiman use a dynamic driver, was kinda hoping for a closed back planar to compete with monolith and DCA
Jan 15, 2022
The headband isn't that bad anymore! The one from a few years ago were. I think they really want to change the design language so they are getting rid of there old stock of parts.
Jan 15, 2022
Boy, it sure looks like a spare parts assembly. It uses the same old style horrible headband and yokes that Drop seems married to, the Deva/HE-5xx earpads and assembly (as difficult as they are to find good replacements for), and very much likely the same driver series that has been in the HE-350/HE-35x. I mean, I'm game. If it is the same dynamic as used in the 350/35x, it could be pretty fun with a closed back.
Jan 15, 2022
The headband though… I hope they‘re not going to sell em with the same old headband issues.
Jan 15, 2022
This seems like a interesting headphone. The headphone looks like to be based on HE-R10D. I am looking for closed back headphone for my pc setup hope these will be option for me. If these headphones are priced some were in $350-$500 I will be very interested. If it's $500 plus I hope it comes with balanced cables. Hope the best for drop and hifiman on this venture.
Jan 16, 2022
Why’s it gotta be a DD driver? Is there a closed back planar out there that isn’t 500$? And why would Hifiman be playing with dynamics anyway? It’s not like they’re known for it or anything… I’m just gonna end up buying a used pair of Audeze’s and call it quits…
Jan 14, 2022
It's fantastic for the price I purchased (a black friday bargain price). It doesn't have the same broad sound stage or separation as the Ether C, but for a quarter of the price, the Aeon closed certainly comes close in other ways! video reviews this
Jan 15, 2022
Drop + Hifiman's shuffling department strikes again.
Jan 12, 2022
We cooked up a little something for your grell audio headphones! We constantly strive for perfection, and to reward our loyal users we have released a new firmware update, now available from the SoundID app! Better connection stability Increased volume range: 4dB (with a change in the SoundID app this will add 7dB in total) Modified tap gesture: 160ms -> 240ms (The "tap" can be longer, more forgiving and responsive!) Simplified ANC and NAR control LHDC "license invalid" fix from Savitech (LHDC is working! And sounds great!!!) Sonarworks also released a new app update(for both iOS and Android) which includes the following things to improve the Over The Air Update (OTAU) experience: Silent audio playback by our app during OTAU process (The app self-maintains a good data connection to the earbuds) Timeout and retry mechanism for separate stages of OTAU process (if there’s an error, you don’t have to start over from the beginning) A thank you goes to Sonarworks who have been applying hotfixes since launch, collaborating and working hard with us! Drop has also been here, keeping us informed and pointing us to posts we have missed, as well as being great partners in the sales process. Another big thanks to our patrons (that means you!), we listened to your feedback and this should make your experience nicer! It’s always good to think about what you’re thankful for at the start of a new year, and of course make resolutions 😉 Bonus: Anyone else notice the green “Pairing” knife next to the Bluetooth headphones? 🤣
Jan 12, 2022
I think with firmware these are worthy of the name Grell.
Jan 12, 2022
Updated to 2.3 but after it rebooted immediately my left iem cut out edit: unpaired and suddenly heard “power on” in the left iem. Re-paired and all is good. Touch controls are much better.
Jan 10, 2022
I remember the Andromedas being so detailed, clear and balanced with a touch of warmth and low end when I first auditioned them years ago. Well worth the asking price at the time. I tried the Classic version again recently as they were on sale and A/B’d them with the Timeless. Couldn’t believe how much better, more resolving, detailed, impactful and just overall technically superior the Timeless is - at 1/4th the discounted price of the Andros. Even the legendary Andromeda treble sparkle was nothing compared to the top end sparkle of the Timeless. The Andromedas were, unbelievably, actually rather muddy and lifeless in comparison. It shouldn’t be a surprise I suppose, although I was still shocked. Technology has pushed things better and cheaper in the iem market. The way it’s supposed to work. The Classic seems to be on sale for discounted prices everywhere these days. And the 2020 revision, a minor update at best intended to extend the shelf life of the product line, is further indication these are at the end of their lifecycle. The build quality and physical presence though are still impressive - they are absolute units and built to last. But for the majority of consumers, that won’t be the primary driver of a purchasing decision. CA still has a unique and compelling sound signature with a lot to give. You can see them trying to compete in the market by releasing lower cost iems with moulded housing instead of the traditional CA metal to keep the price down. I generally love their stuff. But as for the Andromedas, there are better for cheaper these days as far as sound is concerned. May be worth getting - but only at a discount - for the build quality, physical presentation and extras and a still decent sound (though not for the price). A nostalgia buy if there ever was one.
Jan 10, 2022
I'm not sure why this is listed as a balanced headphone amplifier. It's only single-ended internally. It just has XLR inputs and outputs.
Jan 8, 2022
I purchased my TWS 1’s direct from Grell. I’ve had them almost 2 weeks. It’s been an up & down experience. I really want to like these, but today the right earbud just quit… no sound and no reaction to touch control. I have spent hours trying to un-pair, re-pair and to go through the goofy factory reset steps. It’s one thing after another. I can’t remember a product with so many frustrating “bugs” to work through. For the price I expected a much smoother out of the box experience. Now with one earbud seemingly not working I have no choice but to return my TWS 1’s and look at a more reliable option… frustrating! If anyone knows how to fix this, please let me know. Of course I’m not able to get a response from Grell on the weekend. Thanks
Jan 6, 2022
Spending $100 on a cable for a $220 headphone makes no sense?
Dec 30, 2021
Does anybody know how to turn off the single bud mode? It brothers me a lots as one side of the bud is easily turn off accidentally. But there is no note on the manuals that guiding user turn on/off the single bud mode. Thanks
Dec 30, 2021
Love the sound of this item except for it has a lot of basses and the volume is quite small compared to other true wireless such as WF-100XM4. But the worst part is the app is literally garbage that cannot even able to use. Tried to connect to the soundID app with 5 different devices from DAP, Android phone, Ipad... but none of it managed to connect to the app and just keep showing me a stupid unable to connect screen. After trying like 4 hrs and just ended up just deleting this stupid app. Love the product. But you guy's partners must enhance the performance of the app
Dec 27, 2021
So the latest promo lets you add a balanced cable and the headphone will get a $200 discount. What about those that bought before?
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