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Nov 29, 2021
As of writing this, it seems they're out of stock - but let me say that these are worth taking note of for when they come back in stock. In particular it's because they have one of the best tunings of any closed-back headphone at any price... period. Drop was kind enough to send them over to me for a review, which you can check out here: But I'll add my written notes and measurements here as well for both the Open and Closed (I like the Closed better). Measurements done on the GRAS 43AG-7 with KB5000 anthropometric pinna. Closed: No Filter Open: No filter Notes: These are generally pleasant tunings for both - but the Closed is better in my opinion. The Aeon X Open has better and smoother treble, while the Aeon X Closed has better/cleaner bass and lower mids. The Aeon X Open is considerably warmer/thicker - but once again the treble is very agreeable Driver resonance frequency (Fs) is around 400 - 500hz on both (very high) Both have significant driver damping, which is expected for this form factor - it’s how you get the tuning the way you want it, but that comes at the cost of the intangibles. Both are very tight and quick sounding for the initial leading edge with good instrument separation, but also walk the line as far as blunting the trailing ends of tones. The Aeon X Open is on the wrong side of that for me, but the Aeon X Closed is on the right side of it and sounds sufficiently resolving. I do not recommend using the foam tuning inserts as they blunt the trailing ends of tones even further. Both have some of the softest macrodynamics or contrast I’ve ever heard, for better or worse - kind of like a ‘pillow filter’ to the whole thing. If you’re wondering about what all this macro contrast stuff is, these headphones are the perfect examples of the ‘softer’ side. The Open is particularly interesting in this case because it sounds somewhat dynamically constrained to me, even though it’s significantly boosted in the upper bass and lower mids, yet again pointing to this quality not being presently available in frequency response (although I remain open-minded on that front if someone can identify some consistency there). Staging isn’t particularly noteworthy on both, not as good as on the Aeon 2 Noire, but still no major issues with things sounding too tight or claustrophobic or anything like that. In general, I think the only reason I would get the Aeon X Open over the HiFiMAN Sundara (2020) would be for something warmer and thicker sounding, and perhaps for form factor reasons. With that said, without EQ, the Aeon X Open has the kind of tuning that does really well for rock and metal genres - or anything that's a bit more aggressive. The Aeon X Closed on the other hand is solid all around for its tuning, being a bit more neutral and sounds great with just about everything I throw at it, and it’s going to go on my strongly recommended list for closed-back headphones under $500 - especially for those who want that planar instrument separation and incisiveness, and don’t mind a softer presentation.
Nov 26, 2021
Have not come to Drop for so long and I am outdated. I just want to purchase one can between Aeon Closed or Open X and does not matter whether closed or open. May I ask fellow members who have both cans what the main differences are in terms of sound signature? I briefly read reviews and it seems that open version has more bass and rounded and smoother treble and closed can has tighter bass and cleaner sounding. Have I understood correctly ? Thank you very much in advance. :)
Nov 24, 2021
Damn a headphone I really want to try at the price but the horror qc stories definitely scare me away.
Nov 23, 2021
Koss, you're absolutely ridiculous, please never change. Probably buying these.
Nov 22, 2021
Uh, wouldn't the mic in the photo be pointed backwards if you are wearing the headphones correctly?
Nov 22, 2021
I'm trying to understand where this fits in in the overall DAC/Amp market; is this not easily overtaken by something like the FiiO E10K? In the used market it's $10-$20 more expensive and offers much more. Maybe for speakers? But who's pairing their nice speaker setup with a tiny $35 DAC/amp?
Nov 20, 2021
I fn LOVE how these things look. So damn ugly I seriously do love it. Describes a few relationships I’ve questioned myself for being in. I probably need therapy.
Nov 19, 2021
So much oppoty in one picture. Waiting for the reviews to letmusicburn.
Nov 20, 2021
Considering their modest price (~$60), I was thoroughly impressed with the sound of the first- and second-edition BLON B8 but only with a pad-swap. This new model BLON BL-B60 looks to have much-approved stock pads, and the headband system has been updated to one based on the design of BLON B20. I'm intrigued... and might have sprung for the classier-looking 'black' version if Drop's discount had been somewhat greater than 10% . But honestly, I'm more than satisfied with my currently line-up of closed-back headphones - including a ZMF-pad-swapped Focal Elegia - so I'll hold off on these for now.
Nov 18, 2021
Don't click on random suspicious spam links from known scambot accounts. Report and ignore them.
Nov 18, 2021
If I order now, will it be delivered in 4 months? Or do you ship them sequentially whenever they have stock in order of order?
Nov 16, 2021
Please come out with a sequel with more robust fixes for the driver failures - also one sided cords are so much better
Nov 16, 2021
That slanted side bugs my OCD. Why would SMSL allow such a polarizing thing.
Nov 16, 2021
Would have purchased these if the QC issues weren't so off-putting. Drop doesn't offer 3-year warranties on these, which seems telling
Nov 16, 2021
here after seeing this treasure hunt where they are giving away a 2400$ amp that performs worse than a 100$ one paired with their mistake hd 820s
Nov 15, 2021
Massdrop, is it really shipping in 4 months? Isn't that too much?
Nov 10, 2021
Crinacle graphed these and gave his impressions.
Nov 9, 2021
Are these still have the QC issues on it or they have solved it? Drivers failure problems are everywhere on the web. Wants to buy it but I don’t want to deal with the problems after that.
Nov 9, 2021
My review: Really love these IEMs. One of the best values under $500/600 in my opinion.
Nov 9, 2021
Wait this is Chinese using USA & UK parts? My how times have changed.
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