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Oct 31, 2019
They are not quite a hifi sound quality, but they do have a pleasing sound signature. About as good as the Massdrop EDC (I still prefer the EDC a tiny bit more, but it is wired and that wire was quite stiff, it is just too outdated, so I would pick the 1more Stylish over the EDC today). The bluetooth 5.0 and the AAC/AptX support makes it way better than many competitors. Very smooth connection after you pair it up, actually, almost as good as the AirPods, which is why I think they put real effort in making it a smooth product. Also they are quite comfortable to wear, fits nice, seals good. BTW I use Spinfit tips for these. (I simply don't use stock eartips in any of my IEMs too often anyway. It's Spinfits, Comply, Dekoni or Sony that I use the most depending on the sound signature and comfort) I don't like comparisons so I'm not gonna say how they compare to some similarly designed products. But I like'm a lot. One con: When changing the volume on the phone, the volume increase is not synced on the IEMs, so you will hear one earbud increase in sound faster than the other (and hear an imbalance in the midrange and bass in a short period of time).
Oct 31, 2019
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