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May 18, 2018
I got these for about $65 and bought a bunch for friends and family. To summarize:
1. They have a V-shaped sound signature which is appropriate for on-the-go listening IMO. I use my HD-600's at home. 2. They become more neutral after the first 25 hours or so, but still maintain a "fun" sound profile. 3. I have rather small ear canals, and therefore only Etymotics and Shure will fit me for deep insertion. Therefore I consider these to be best used on your ear canals if that makes any sense. So they will not be good for working out or even brisk walking. 4. Due to the above fitment issues, noise isolation is better than with my iPhone ear buds but worse than my Etymotics.
With the above caveats, I still do enjoy and recommend them.
May 18, 2018
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