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Dec 4, 2018
The good: Great sound spectrum and clarity. I am an audiophile with many sets in my collection that range from cheap $30 headphones to $2000 precision headphones. While these are not in the same league as a HD 800S, SR-L700, or even Ether Flow C they are audibly beyond their price range. The sound is amazing when you consider the price. As an audiophile I judged these on the sound and that sound has to be heard to believed. Before break in you will get bright highs and stiff bass. Once you get them broken in the highs calm down and the lows smooth out. They will work from your phone and DAC but you will not get the real sound until you put them on an amp. I have paired it with my panda stack, GSX 1000, SMSL SAP 9, Aune X7S and Little Bear MK II. With each successive step up in power I could hear the improvement. Audio wise you will not find anything even close until you are looking at headphones at a much higher price point. The Bad: The cable is good but they could have done a much better job in that area, so much so that I purchased a custom cable that cost as much as the headphones from Mimic cables (Balanced XLR and it was soooooo worth it). It is short and took me about 2 weeks to get them to loose that packaging shape. On the plus side, it is balanced and of high grade material. The ugly: They are made for a very specific size head and ear size. People like me that have a big head and ears will find it to be very uncomfortable after a while. It is supposed to be an over ear but because of the size of the pad it is more of an on ear. That wouldn't be so bad but with such a solid design, they will put enough pressure on the side of your head to make it painful after a while. When I received mine I realized that the left and right cables were incorrectly pinned. The left was the right and vice versa. I called and didn't reach anyone so I left a message. The next morning I received a phone call from their sales manager who offered to replace them free of charge no questions asked. We then had a long conversation about what I felt were issues for the next 30 or so minutes and not once did he rush to get off the phone. He took notes and thanked me for my input, then asked if I would be willing to speak to them if they had any questions regarding my critique. I later received a follow up call to make sure I was happy with the results of my call. Customer service was outstanding and I am very grateful for how they handled my call and time. Sound = 10/10 (subjective to the listener) Build = 6/10 (they are beautiful and solidly built but uncomfortable... to me) Price = 10/10 Customer service = 10/10 (Quick side note, I mentioned earlier that they are balanced. So if you have a balanced amp, you can connect it via xlr and get all that ooey gooey balanced sound goodness) My overall rating is five stars because to me, the performance outweighs the comfort, especially for such inexpensive headphones. Lastly, I own 3 pairs of the 1More Over ear, 1 for me, 1 for the wife and one that is going to be a present. Yes, they are that good, and if you ask me, I got the better end of the deal hands down.
Dec 4, 2018
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