A&H Leather Micro Billfold Wallet
A&H Leather Micro Billfold Wallet
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Sep 11, 2020
how do these wallets measure up for U.K (bills) money ??
@DavidBullock Fully open, this wallet measures 8.25 inches x 3 inches. The elastic is slightly less wide, at about 2.75 inches. That would cover the 5 and 10 note, but slightly smaller than the 20. However, it the note could be folded when needed. Hope that helps.
May 10, 2020
I have multiple slim wallets with the same basic layout (including elastic band) in Tyvek, soft shell, etc., but I'm looking for a more durable and nicer looking leather version. Can you fit more than one card per pocket?
@frekin yes, but initially because it is full grain leather, you’ll probably want to start with 1. Let the leather soften a bit with use and then add another, etc. We have had up to 10 cards (3 total slots). It will also make the wallet a bit bulkier. Just an FYI.
These all shipped today. Thanks for being part of the drop!
For those considering this as a Holiday or Christmas gift, we will be shipping a few days after the Drop ends. It takes Drop a few days to reconcile and get us the info to ship, but they will ship well prior to the 12/12 anticipated “on or before” ship date.
Recent “real life photo”. This is the buffalo calf crunch in brown after about 2 months of use.

May 10, 2020
I've had 2 "leather" slim wallets from Amazon that lasted a month before the threads tore. Y'all's wallets (I bought two, liked more than one design), have used it for over 2 months now, and it still looks good. The pockets are not the exact size of a card, so it has room to strech when it is at full capacity. Feels like it will last a lifetime. Waiting for the Cow Lizard passport holder. Full Cow Lizard apperal for myself. Watch Band, Wallet, Passport.
For those curious on size, see attached pic. Hopefully this gives some perspective.

We used elastic to provide the support needed for bills or receipts, if you want to use it, but didn’t want to use a “clip” because it adds weight, mechanical nature (breakage, etc) and bulk. If you never use it, it’s like it’s never there. It also can function as a front pocket wallet, depending on how much you want to carry in it!