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Jul 8, 2015
Just got mine, and comparing to my Superlux 668B's, these are quite good for their cost. They feel a little flimsy, but yet also feel slightly premium, and the cord that's included works exceptionally well. Also includes a very soft bag to store them in, which is of course, always a nice plus. I ordered the purple ones, and they look really nice. The cups are tiny, but the drivers are extremely good, and there's something about the soundstage these have that I can't quite transfer to words. The music and lyrics of songs instead of being together are, separated in a way that both sound high quality, and very crystal clear, however not overlapping and distinctly blend together without being muddy or cancelling one another out. Tried them out on my iPhone without an amp, and these are great even then! For their price point, this was a great purchase, and will now be using these when on the go! Noise cancellation for the size of these is quite good, I wasn't expecting there to be any but there is indeed some. I'm sure buyers of this will be happy with the output they produce, and for the price, was there really even a loss here? People who took the gamble on these will be quite surprised!
Jul 8, 2015
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