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Nov 10, 2015
Dice arrived, and were much smaller than I expected. However, I feel that $10 before shipping is a decent price for 4 sets of dice that I'm pretty sure nobody else I know will have.
They're a bit of a novelty item, much like metallic dice(More of a luxury item), but a tabletop RPG player like myself buys dice to show them off, get some use out of them, and see them get scratched and beaten up.
Biggest concern? Losing these under the table, or among the small piles of stuff people bring.
For the curious, you can fit all 4 sets into one of the four bags that they come in. It's a snug fit, but it means less to keep track of.

An update: After I fell out of a chair while playing D&D, some of these dice fell 3 floors down to the ground floor. My friends and I found all but the Orange/Green d20. I wasn't expecting to find as many as I did after they fell so far, but am disappointed at myself regardless - It was the first night I used them.
Please bring back this drop so I can buy more! I feel as if a tiny part of me has been taken, and I want to fill that space by spending money on tiny dice.
Nov 10, 2015
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