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Jun 2, 2016
I received my package today! First impressions of this amp is very good. I am pairing them with a couple Klipsch AW-650s for my outdoor deck. I have owned these speakers for a couple years and I did not realize they could sound better than they did. When I first plugged the USB DAC into my Mac Mini I got no sound. I went to MIDI setup and set the sample rate to 48 kHz versus the default of 192. Once I made that setting change and reset the Mac everything worked beautifully. All of my content is no better than 24/48 so makes no difference to me.
The sound initially is a little bright, but the bass is tight and the sound is very detailed. For an outdoor setup this isnt exactly an 'audiophile' environment, but it sounds awesome. I imagine after some break in the amp will settle in nicely.
Kudos to Massdrop to making this available exactly when I needed it. I had originally purchased a NuForce DDA 120 and it was underwhelming. I was running the NuForce at max volume where this amp is plenty loud at the 10 o'clock position and there is plenty of room from there. Not sure what type of volume control this employs, but volume knob is motorized when using the remote control.
This is my first piece of Adcom gear, after this purchase I expect to be making more.
Jun 2, 2016
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