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Mar 9, 2017
I was skeptical when this was first offered because there weren't very many reviews. But I started hearing good things and eventually got one.
I use it as an always-on amp connected to an Amazon Echo Dot, and a set of CEntrance Masterclass 2504 speakers.
Well, the amp does sound pretty good. But give it a few days before judging it. Even longer before judging it for real. It sounds horrible for the first few days.
It sounds strong and clear. Previously I had a SMSL Q5 Pro driving the same system. The Q5 sounded more supple, and arguable more organic, but it sounded less powerful, and less controlled at the same time.
I'd be happy with either. But they do sound different.
I've only used the amp section, so no comment on the DAC yet.
The build quality on this is great. It's somewhat small, but not mini, like the Q5. It feels really well crafted and well put together.
Recommended. For use as an amp for now, anyway.
Mar 9, 2017
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