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Apr 8, 2016
Well, there goes any thought I had to buying this amp at any price. I know you can put only so much stock in any one person's views, but with no one saying "wow, this amp is worth more than asking price," even one or two people who say it performs at the $100-200 level is pretty challenging. Massdrop, please don't become a dumping ground for failed products, that will only tarnish a pretty good reputation.
Apr 8, 2016
RDaneelI've been paying pretty close attention to this one since I saw it at Canjam just recently. Since we got the sample unit into the office it hasn't left my desk and I'm really enjoying it with everything from UE RR's to HD800's and LCD2's. Seems to provide plenty of power for all. A very small bit of hum with IEM's but I'm really only using IEM's with it because I'm in the office, I wouldn't normally.
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