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Apr 11, 2017
I have had my pair since 2012 and the function/quality remains excellent, I am using them right now near full volume on just my fiio olympus 2. Plenty good for these headphones, though they can handle far more input. The cans have not broken, though the cable had began to wear down after 1 year resulting in a noticeable loss in quality. That has been my one and only problem with these headphones. I have gone through 3 cables, with my latest one having been physically damaged within the past month. Fortunately I have purchased a pair of the AKG K7XX's, fantastic headphones, and the cable acts as my new replacement for the K267's. Phenomenal quality once again. There is no exaggerated distortion or the like. Everyday these headphones excite me. Hands down my favorite set out of each pair I have tried extensively. Not the highest quality, but absolutely the most fun and satisfying music sessions to my ears come with the AKG K267's. I will buy a second pair the day they are put back onto this site.
I can't put into words how strongly I suggest buying a pair of these.
Apr 11, 2017
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