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Oct 21, 2015
Hey I'd just like to add, my pair of headphones seem great apart from what I mentioned about the hinge (it was just over tightened) and is perfectly fine now . To be honest I don't think akg would go to the effort of selling off refurbished units through mass drop due to their relationship, it seems like MD plays a big roll in their sales at current and I doubt they'd want to hinder that relationship. So for now I'll just go about using the headphones as normal and if something does creep up and they break then I'll follow it up but if not I'm wrapped, theyre exactly what I've been looking for. Oh and William_Shiu I was able to see the marks you described in your post and I mean for what you pay it's only fair that you receive a quality product but for myself as long as they work I'm happy :p
Oct 21, 2015
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