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Nov 2, 2015
i think the initial design flaw with the snapping band really ruined the reputation of these headphones, once that happened, naturally there was a huge commotion about it all over the internet and even after the fixed it, the reputation never recovered and the stigma stayed.. I personally never had the old flawed design and the pair I got from my last drop has been used daily and I have had no issues.. its a shame that they didn't just make the whole band metal as the metal on the hinges and cups themselves feel so nice.. it would have saved this headphone from the whole bad design fiasco, and the funny part is that people might have considered this an extremely rugged piece, considering that in this imaginary scenario the band, hinges and cups would have been all metal. The metal is really nicely finished too so it would feel even more luxurious. I really like the sound on these, (even innerfidelity gave a summarily positive review), considering the size, sound, and that it's a closed back design makes it great for portability. Gonna pick up another one or two probably for unexpected gifts.
Nov 2, 2015
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