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Nov 29, 2014
As for the ear pads[ ear cushions] they give 3db more bass response and are the same memory foam [called 'gel' by euros] that are on the k712 pros. Reviewed by most to be superior to what is on the 701/702/702 65th anniv ed./q701 the part number is found in this doc file:///C:/Users/Aivilo/Downloads/K612_K712.pdf as the second 'cushion' listing and online can be bought alone at either of these German sites or for 42-48 euros plus shipping. However, by the time you spend $100 on the pads to make the earlier versions sound better you could just buy this pair with better headband [without bumps] and better earpads. Although the black out design is cool, the made is china vs austria is a downer, but the reviews seem not to mention any performance loss or build quality decrease. thus this seems like a buy even if you got earlier drops on the q701 Quincy Jones edition or have other akg's. The next step up would be the k712pros and they cost double.
Nov 29, 2014
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