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Dec 19, 2014
on delays in shipping:
if you read Will's updates you will see that there were many unforeseen (and unavoidable) snafus along the way to Massdrop.
these are intended as a December Holiday present from my spouse to me. am i upset about the fact that they may not get here by the 25th?
absolutely fucking not!
these should be a very high quality, very fairly priced pair of cans. unless i die before i get to hear them i am thinking i will be one happy camper.
the efforts that Massdrop has made to meet their (self-imposed) deadline are heroic. the transparency that Massdrop has exhibited when issues came up is exemplary.
get over yourselves.
Dec 19, 2014
Dec 19, 2014
I think you are mistaken. They got the shipment by the 17th like they said they would and I got my tracking number on the 17th as well. Their mistake was using the slowest UPS shipping method to ship the item from NJ to CA. It wasn't like they got their shipment a few days late and couldn't ship it out in time.
Dec 19, 2014
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