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Jan 3, 2015
Alright peeps, my K7XX just arrived yesterday afternoon and finally got around to opening em up. I'm from Ontario in GTA so I got hit with the exchange rate and tax fees. Came to $231 + $44.11 import fees. I saw them coming purchasing it so it's all good.
Not an audiophile, but here's what I can say: Overall, compared to my Monster Inspirations, huge difference. In soundstage, clarity, and even the bass (less blaring, deeper). Interestingly my Soundblaster card was more designed for these than the Monster's with better impedance matching, but on my phone it still sounds miles better. I expect I'll get better sound with a long burn-in planned.
When I first used them the left cup had distortion.. I panicked and thought it was that bass rattle issue, turns out it was my wireless adapter interference. The rattle issue comments were making me paranoid :P
At $275 CAD, it's a solid purchase, and completely satisfied.
Pics! EDIT: No pics, no response when after upload :( Second EDIT: Turns out it wasn't wireless interference after all, something is either missing in the right cup, or gaining distortion in the left. It's very subtle but you can clearly tell the stage is leaning towards the left.. It's frustrating to say the least. Hoping burn-in will fix it. Third EDIT: wtf? One hour of burn-in and right cup felt like it opened up, balancing it all out 0.o...
Jan 3, 2015
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