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Jan 6, 2015
On further investigation, and comparing with other headphones. Playing the head shaker thing here
I have noticed there is unfortunately quite-some rattle at the really low-end... I haven't managed to get this to repro with music yet (Been using the Hans Zimmer Interstellar soundtrack as my test for now)
Compared with a pair of well burned in AKG K702's that have *zero* rattle using that shaker test, and then also a not very well burned in pair of DT770 Pro 250Ohms which did rattle a very, very tiny bit..
Disappointing, but hearing it in the not so well worn DT770's give a little rattle makes me want to give them a chance yet.
I was expecting the 702's to give out a little, but there's nothing, no buzz, no rattle at all.. They're Austrian made for sure ;)
Set number 16 for reference
Jan 6, 2015
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