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Jan 7, 2015
Just wanted to post for you guys that are either waiting for their cans, or simply want more feedback.
- #777 Participant / Headset # 706 - Did some tests, and so far I'm really enjoying them. - Awesome Bass - No rattle as far as I can tell, or maybe I'm just that deaf - L/R Balanced enough for me to not care about % error/difference or anything like - Nice balance on volume - though purely using onboard sound card in PC - Got mine today (notification for pick up Jan 5th) in AB, Canada - Paid 21.## for GST and Handling fees - No scratches and physical condition is good as well
TLDR// I'm a blind-glasses-using, deaf man, and so my words should not hold much or any value for the rest of the people in the drop. So good luck to everyone waiting, and hope you guys really enjoy!
Jan 7, 2015
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