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Jan 16, 2015
I got mine these days, luckily no rattle so far. Build quality is good, close to the three austrian made q701 I had on my head in the recent years. They're comfortable, lightweigt and the mechanic parts don't make any noises when wearing them. The headband and earpads are very comfy, the whole headphone has a nice feel about it and it's maybe the best looking headphone in its price range. The plactic doesn't feel cheap to me, nicer than hd598. There are no glued parts as far as I can see. I guess they're a bit fragile so if you look for something you can kick around a Beyerdynamic from the "pro" range might be the better choice.
It's to new to say much about the sound. It has a good amount of bass, I'd put it in line with the dt990, maybe a bit less. It has emphasized trebble that works much better than the Beyers, which are beasts for hissing vocals. All in all it's in line with the midrange Sennheiser and Beyer offering there are, it's not the all perfect headphone some might have hoped for. It's very good in some things, less so in others. So far I like it with movies and classic music and everything that needs a bit of punch punch. It maybe has a the best soundstage in the club. If you listen to them the first time use realistic volumes, it's not a "the louder the better" headphone.
It's certainly worth the $200, possibly not the $600 it was announced for. Maybe we got a $300 headphone for $200, which is still an excellent deal. Of cource it shouldn't have rattle or wierd wires. Compared to the $240 dt990 that's also on offer I'd go for the AKG.
Jan 16, 2015
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