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Jan 28, 2015
Alright. I'm skipping from page 213 to here because idc anymore.
Those wondering about comfort... I did some poverty, averaging of earpad dimensions on some of my headphones. If anyone wants to read some specifics as to why I rather dislike the K7XX in terms of comfort and prefer my HD600 or DT-770/990, feel free to do so. Just click my name, check my discussion on my profile. Scroll past the HE-560 and PS4 stuff to be specific. I hope I can help someone else before they spend their money.
My HD600, 990 and K7XX were all about 2.5 cm (25mm) deep in the center of the earpad. 990 pads are round and measure about 5 cm (50 mm) inside the cup (all directions, diameter) iirc. HD600 pads were 6 cm (60 mm) tall and 4 cm (40 mm) wide inside the cup. For my ears and headshape, my HD600 and 770/990 both produced a great seal relatively easily and caused no discomfort. K7XX on the other hand were unable to produce a good seal with ease. The headband being self-adjusting is awful imo and the earpads are definitely the largest of the latter. K7XX pads are round and measure about 6 cm (60 mm) inside the cup.
This is how I learned 6 cm is just too big for my head. Go figure. I totally overlooked this on my Q701 because my skull was being violently rekt by bumps on the headband. Tunnel vision on the bumps issue if you will. If you can be bothered to measure what you have now and if it's too big, too small or just right, maybe my measurements will help give you a general idea of earpad seal/fit at the very minimum for your ears.
Edit: as for glasses, I can fit my glasses in-between the pads on either the K7XX or DT-990 Premiums comfortably, albeit with a poor seal (especially the front). My 770 pros are uncomfortable with glasses. HD600 is also no good for glasses in terms of comfort, but the best seal out of them all (tons of pressure on my head from the frame).
Jan 28, 2015
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