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Feb 24, 2015
Mine have finally arrived, i live in nor cal. used this site and seem to have none of the rattling some people seem to have, like this one guy. over all except for ordering these back on the 1st of December i am very pleased, also some people say that the K7xx don't have enough base, my only other pair of headphones are the v-moda m80 which people consider it to be on the more bassier side, though in my opinion the k7xx have more than enough base. I got the bravo v3 amp so if the k7xx needed more bass I could give it to them but they don't even need it unless i really want bass in a song. I mean if you want a sub on your head these are prob not what you are looking for. Overall they are great, cant wait to burn them in.
whoops pressed submit to soon =p
Feb 24, 2015
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