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Feb 25, 2015
Just received my K7XX on Feb 24, 2015. The delivery was on schedule as promised. I was not really impressed with the built quality. They felt a little flimsy to me as a $200 headphones. Although they are quite comfortable and fit my larger skull nicely. Listened to one of my test music sound tracks and they sounded a little thin.
Ran the bass frequency audio test and heard the rattles loud and clear on the left side. It's very disappointing. I read about the Q-tip fix but haven't tried it yet. Can someone explain what exactly is the Q-tip supposed to fix? Pushing that wire away from the driver? It doesn't seem to be a permanent fix to me though. The rattle may occur again later.
I am not convinced that the Q-tip will fix the rattle problem but I will try it anyway after I get home this evening. If that doesn't work then I definitely will request a return and refund. This first experience with AKG and Massdrop is not that pleasant.
Feb 25, 2015
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