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Feb 25, 2015
So I just got my K7XX's (#3175) and I'm quite pleased so far (despite having waited nearly 3 months to get them). My set also thankfully don't seem to have the rattle issue. My setup is a maverick audio TubeMagicD1 DAC into a Schiit Asgard. For reference the other headphones I own are: Grado RS2i, Denon AH-D2000 and Hifiman RE-600 iems. This is just from listening to them for only a few minutes, but it's clear that these headphones are not only more detailed than my other phones, the soundstage and instrument separation is immense. Also, I was a bit worried about the high-end being to harsh or sibilant, but it's really quite smooth, very nice. The mids are very nice as well. They're not as forward as the grados, but more so than the denons. These probably won't replace my Grado's for acoustic guitar and vocal music, but it's still very nice, no complaints. The bass is great as well. The bass is very tight and articulate and while these are not going to blow you away if you're used to Denon's or Beyer DT770's but there is noticeably more bass quantity than with my Grados, despite the bass being as tight and fast as them. I listen to a lot of music with very fast double bass and these headphones are great for that. Of course, these headphones NEED amplification, as they'll sound a bit lifeless without it. I have never heard any other AKG headphones and bought these on an impulse at the beginning of Dec, but I am very pleased with my purchase. Excellent headphones for the price!
Feb 25, 2015
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