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Feb 2, 2017
Also got mine today and I really like them. Why? Here's a few bullets: 1. Fit is more snug without any discomfort creating a better seal 2. Bass is more pronounced but not overdone 3. Sounds more clear and less harsh compared to Phillips 9500s (I liked the Philips don't get me wrong) Perhaps harsh isn't the right word. For example, listening to a few songs where there were multiple effects happening at once, there was some distortion which I was calling harsh. BassNectar (which is electronic music either love it or you will hate it) two songs you can listen to are Dorfex Bos and Somarfagel. Those have various effects and tones, yes there's bass but it's not only bass throughout. The AKG's sounded much more defined and smoother than the 9500s especially during parts where there was a lot going on at once. 4. Build quality feels solid to me, yes it says made in China but it's not cheaply made or feeling by any means 5. Overall sound is more cohesive if that makes sense. If you are a wine drinker imagine a very good red that is not out of balance in tannin, fruit, oak etc. 6. Very comfortable ear pads. Soft. love em. I know people occasionally like to replace ear pads. I would be surprised if anyone wanted to do that after wearing these for a while. 7. Doesn't seem to require a lot of power. I could listen to iPhone just fine to more that satisfying volume. Same with my PC with on board audio.
I also tried it listening to a movie sound track. I particularly like the one from Man of Steel as I think it has great sound for a movie. The music on its own is nice and dynamic. These didn't miss a beat.
All was played on my PC from Spotify and I have the highest settings on the account. I'm sure when I have a better DAC / AMP it will be even better. I'm going to order the XDuoo XD-5.
Definitely very satisfied.
Feb 2, 2017
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