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Feb 6, 2017
General Review: These are great headphones, and I feel for 200 greenbacks you're getting a lot for your money. Where these cans shine is through sound separation. These cans do a great job of cleanly reproducing the sound images, from vocals, to drum kicks, rolling piano scales, all of it can be heard clearly.
Sound: The sound stage feels mild, not upfront or distant. The highs would be my only concern for some folks. The highs aren't harsh, but they come close. I keep expecting to hear tambourines or drum cymbals to let out an ear piercing hiss, and these get right up to that line and stop just before. This doesn't bother me but this maybe concerning for some. Bass is present, at all levels, and doesn't muddy up the sound. Mids are more neutral and lean away from warmer sounds. Instead they move to a clean sounding mid range. My preference for Eq settings is a small bump in bass range, a little tweaking in the mids depending on song, and I leave the highs alone.
Power: Maybe it's just me, but I don't have any issues powering these through normal means. My cellphones, computer, laptops, tablets can push these with no issues. Although on my desktop I have to turn the volume up to 75%-100% to get to the levels I like, but still no major issue. Funny though, my laptop I can run the vol. at around 50% and i'm happy. Anyways I do have some AMP/DAC's I've ran this through. From my experience, keeping the sound path simple and clean is the best way to go for these headphones. No DAC, just an AMP if needed.
Comfort: These are very comfy. I literally wear them all day with no complaints. These hardly weigh anything, clamping force is great for my head, (I wear a 7-7/8 size hat for reference, or 62.5 cm for you metric types.) The contact points for the head band are great. The ear pads are spacious with room to rent out. If I were to make any comments for improving comfort; ear pads can get a little warm, and the headband could be made with softer/better materials. I'm not saying these as a complaint, but if asked for improvements, those two would be my focal point.
Overall great headphones. I really enjoy the sound separation, and how clean the sound is. For music you'll love how you can zero in on any instrument, and never worry about it getting washed out from the other instruments. For games you'll enjoy hearing footsteps, and explosions, and of course, killer sound tracks in game. Being light as they are, I sometimes forget I'm wearing them. For $200, these are a steal. Though for those of you who came from AKG's headphones being constructed from mostly metal components, you'll find the change into plastic parts very different. The plastics don't seem like they're glass fiber reinforced, but just your standard ABS plastics. So over all if you're looking for a safe sounding headphone, that does amazing things with sound separation, and you have the money I'd say buy em. Though, depending on your sound source you might want to invest in a AMP.
Hope this helps! Happy listening. :)
Feb 6, 2017
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