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Feb 7, 2018
So I've had the K7xx for over a year now, as well as serial number 177 for the 6xx. In addition I have some m50x's, k240's, and 553 pros. A small assortment of modestly priced headphones. I use a schiit magni amplifying either a Focusrite Scarlett or a fiio Q1mkII DAC. Each have their unique signature and specialize in something different (yes, even the m50's: think tracking guitar over drums and bass). However, I always seem to find myself returning to the K7xx for pure listening enjoyment. They are extremely comfortable and easy to listen to. I have several aftermarket pads that I occasionally sway out, usually between brainwavz hybrid and sheepskin. I find the hybrid, with the velour contact sits on the head the best. The 6xx is a close 2nd for enjoyment, but I just find that clamping force a little too much for longer sessions. I do utilize them for comparison when mastering tracks (several headphone, monitors and of course consumer style products ie car stereos and IEMS). The K7's with the aftermarket pads have ample punch in the bass while not being over bearing like the m50's. The mids and highs are so articulate and defined and not at all hard to listen to. a .flac of Pink Moon, or any track off Morning Phase is just sublime. Long story short, these headphones rock. They sound as they should without much coloration at all. The soundstage makes them perfect for gaming as well. If you are trying to decide between which entrance to the rabbit hole you are going to chose, I would recommend the K7xx. Just be prepared to also get a decent DAC/amp. I've been really happy with the schiit and it's modestly priced. The fiio has served me well as a portable DAC but doesn't quite have the juice to really run any full sized headphone well (unless you are running balanced, then it's just about right up to the 300 Ohm). PM me if you have any serious questions regarding budget equipment. I found in my extensive research that so many people will immediately push you towards more and more expensive stuff. I firmly believe in being able to get the most for your money so I spent my time researching that.
Feb 7, 2018
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