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Oct 28, 2015
hmm.. so I would guess that the old ALG K7 series were probably not hand made when they manufactured them back in Austria since that would be prohibitively expensive for all but the highest models, and so I assume they used an assembly line back then just like in China now.. what is the difference in quality ? The actual manufacturing of the materials ? Or the assembly ? Or is the factory too new and doesn't have the years of experience that the old AKG plant had.. there might have been a Michael Jordan of fixing the rattling issue at the old plant, where whenever QA detected a wobbly set, they would ask this guy to fix it and he would do his thing.. even when people thought that the manufacturing tolerances were just too far breached for anyone to fix, but this guy would just stick out his tongue in a Jordan-esque manner and with a few twists and turns he would get rid of the rattle off these AKG K7xxs...
Oct 28, 2015
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