Massdrop x AKG K7XX Audiophile Headphones
Massdrop x AKG K7XX Audiophile Headphones
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Our first custom headphones ever, the Massdrop x AKG K7XX have been an enduring community favorite since they first launched more than two years ago. Since then, they’ve received praise from Head-Fi, Super Best Audio Friends, Z Reviews, and more for offering a rare value in the world of open-back cans Read More

Jan 22, 2021
29.9K requests, more than units sold until now, please Drop, bring this headphone again!
Dec 27, 2020
Is k7xx ever coming back on stock ??
Nov 8, 2020
is this never getting dropped again or what?
Nov 6, 2020
Anyone else have had the head adjustment get a little too loose? Anyway to tighten it back up?
Oct 31, 2020
Thinking of modding mine to be balanced. The mod itself doesn't seem too hard, but I'm having difficulty finding a balanced cable for them. Anyone has recs for a 4 pin male xlr to 4 pin mini female xlr cable?
Oct 24, 2020
When was the last time these were dropped? Are these discontinued? Should I just buy it from ebay or is there a solid chance that I could buy new ones from here.
Oct 22, 2020
I bought these secondhand and really wanted to say something about them. Out of the 4xx, 58x, and the 6xx these are my favorite hands down. I love the sennheisers and the hifiman planar kicks ass but these are really over looked. The k7's sound so grand and wide open. The imaging is still good. The sub bass kind of slams. The treble seems to be the best of the bunch. And even though they're v shaped, they still have warmth to them. Not quite like the sennheisers but you get so much more in exchange for slightly lesser vocals. I've had all of these headphones for over a year each, they're all fantastic. But the sennheisers and hifiman are each best at their own genres and tracks, meanwhile the k7xx's are good at all kinds of music. I listen to anything from hip hop, electronic, indie, alt, punk, sometimes even jazz and classical, and some really random genres. The k7's are great at all of them. Don't sleep on these when they're in stock
Oct 17, 2020
The build quality on these are horrible. Within 20 days I could only hear out of the left ear. I warranty that set and now 9 months later I can only hear out of the left again. Sometimes it keeps jumping from left to right back to left. Does anyone know where to buy replacement wires?
Aug 7, 2020
These are a remade version of the anniversary K702s iirc. They are considerably cheaper than their Austrian made counter part and are widely known for having an insane sound stage. I see all these people posting about them with a lot of speculation and it doesn't look like many of them actually own them or have heard them. The build quality is fine IMO. They are certainly not built like a tank but, when you're making a 200$ version of a 500$ headphone I think it's to be expected. That said they won't just break from a drop and my pair are still the same as they were when I got them. I do think that they are great headphones at this price for music but, where they really shine is in gaming. The sound stage really pushes these far and away from any other set I've had for gaming. You can hear everything in any direction and can tell that not only is there someone behind and to your right but, even if they're above or below you. It gives a sense of immersion in any game allowing you to just direction and distance in 3 dimensions more than I have personally heard. If you're looking for headphones solely for music then I think you can probably do better elsewhere at this price like something from Sennheiser. If you play a lot of games and want something that's also good for music then I think you'll love the K7XX. They're also insanely light making them great for long sessions and the earpads and cable are replaceable too when they wear out. The only critique that I have is that the flat headband isn't great and it may be better than the bumps on the other K7s but, if someone sold a padded upgrade then I would buy it in a second. Once I get it positioned just right it's fine and I don't even notice it but, still. Anyways, you can usually find these on Amazon for way faster delivery, although they're usually about 20$ more than here.
Jul 25, 2020
Are these just out of stock or did they meet the same fate as the TR-X00's?
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