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Apr 3, 2018
Got my chair assembled. @Click pretty much had everything on the money with his review. The instructions really are the biggest weakness of the chair so far. AKRacing has acknowledged this prior and I believe they said they were working on it.
All in all, the leather really does smell, but I don't mind it, it is already fading some. The variable recline is awesome. Having the chair recline and stay were you want it makes it far more comfortable.
My main gripe is actually the arm rests. I'm about 6'1" and 240lbs and they feel a bit wide for me even. I have adjusted them to be as close together as possible, but they still feel a bit off. Also, the angles they move left to right are a bit loose and change when I don't necessarily mean them to.
Regardless of those complaints, it's a lot easier for me to pick what I don't like out of it because the rest of the chair is incredible and all in all I'm extremely satisfied with my purchase.
Apr 3, 2018
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