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Jul 13, 2017
the blade length on the eagle's is 4". The design of this knife is quite old. The original metal bolster knives are basically a scaled up and refined version of the Gerber Silver Knights that came out of gerbers shop when Al Mar was chief designer there. At the time these knives came out America was still the place high end knives were made, few people viewed Japanese knives as high end. Most good quality knives that came out of japan were made of Aus 6 , and ATS-134 was just coming into the market and was really expensive. Aus 8 was considered to be the "high end" cutlery steel for Japanese knives at least as far as stainless goes. Al Mar was one of the companies that changed the whole perception of Japanese knives as nothing but low quality knock offs of American knives.
Jul 13, 2017
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