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Jan 1, 2018
I've had mine for a couple weeks now and really it. Although I wanted it to organize my pocket what I really mostly wanted it for was as an extra layer of protection for my cell phone. In that essence I've been anxious to have the screen side phone against the pouch mostly because of the large zipper ends up right in the middle of the screen. I'd love to see a version either a smaller zipper or/and having the zipper shielded by overlay of material so when it is zipped the leather edges extend and fold over the zipper and handle...if that makes sense lol?
My wishes for future evolutions:
1. Zipper protection as mentioned above. Either smaller and or protected with an overlay of material that folds over. Also, would having zipper terminate at other end, rather than top, make sense at all? I'd be open to the idea of a clamshell pinch (not sure what they are really called) type closure as well. Maybe even internal magnets though that might get annoying with those that carry a lot of metal lol. But prefer to stay away from Velcro. If the leather was firm enough to keep shape, even just an open top could be useful.
2. A wider band or outside stretch pouch option would be cool. Mainly to secure a cell phone to rather than the smaller bands most people use for knives. Maybe even with a protective liner on the inside that the screen could lay against.
3. I love the shape and how it fits perfectly into my pocket but noticed it sometimes bunches in the deep corner and I find myself digging down to make sure the corner of pouch is the corner of my pocket. I'd personally like a rigid insert that fits inside of the pouch to keep/force the shape...maybe even sewn into the liner on one side (leg side?). What I'm imagining is like those thin but rigid plastic inserts you might find in the bottom of a backpack/shopping bag/purse used to keep shape and add extra protection. But not so firm that it isn't comfortable and doesn't bend naturally with the pocket itself.
Overall, I love it. None of these are complaints, just ideas that would be useful for me personally and no idea if others would like them it lol
Jan 1, 2018
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