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Dec 18, 2017
why has 2 people bought this? this is just retarded please dont allow this drop to happen .
here are some bikes with an actual cool factor you can get at this price that dont relie on the stupidest gimmick in all of cycling, (spring leafs):
Evil Chamois Davis JR Cinelli tipo pista Commencal Fast city or an older model Cinelli gazetta della strada pretty much any bike from Dafne fixed. probably an older model surly/all city bikes.
and for those outside the US obviously a Canyon
dont worry about the single speed since the drive train on this bike is hardly more than 50 usd. -
or you know any bike from the big manufacturers at this price point that probably will have the same drivetrain as this one but way better cockpit components since they will be from thei in house brand like Bontrager,Syncros, ETC. as well as the fact as having the certaintanty of getting a warranty.
I was so excited to see a bike on massdrop but this is such a big dissapointment.
and one final complaint, my god the welds on this thing are horrible!
Dec 18, 2017
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