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Aug 12, 2014
Seriously, can we please have an update? An indeterminate number of sunglasses of an indeterminate variety of styles and options was supposed to be in the mail as of the end of last week, which I am taking to mean Friday. Can PLEASE we have an update on: 1. The location and disposition of these items, if known. 2. Which types and styles and sizes of item are contained in this shipment. 3. How many shipments spaced over how long a period of time we may prudently expect the remainder of the sunglasses to be spread across. 4. Of those shipments, which styles/sizes/colors/whateverthefuck will probably come first.
Scorched Cornea Corner: Of my drops, 2/3rds so far have been utter, complete cluserfucks, which I don't really understand. It's not as if Massdrop is taking in poll data and choosing the most rarified, one-man-shop boutique poll-winning products to contact and make unreasonable offers from -- I've seen them get hundreds of votes in a poll and set up a group buy for the 3rd place product, for what reasons I cannot fathom. Presumably order logistics and their profit margin are at least partially responsible for such "selectivity" -- I'm confused then as to why their suppliers seem to be so consistently unable to deliver the goods within a reasonable (read: non-halting-state) amount of time. I really, really want to like this website, but I just don't think it can possibly be that impossibly difficult to extract a rough order-to-fufillment time estimate when establishing a supplier relationship.
Aug 12, 2014
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