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Jun 24, 2018
Unless I missed it ... it would have been nice for an upgrade option to the Helium510.
I love that MassDrop is dipping its toes into artisan HiFi ... but it's usually the lowest offering by any given company.
I understand the value of a hand-built, high quality, aesthetically pleasing product ... the $600 asking price is very reasonable. The problem is the 4" LF driver is not going to cut it for most of us interested in this type of product, but the Amphion Helium510 could have. It also would have been and interesting alternative to the KEF LS50.
If MassDrop is trying to expand into the true high-end HiFi market ... we need to see true high-end HiFi offerings ... not just entry models of product lineups.
Jun 24, 2018
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