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Angry Miao HATSU BATTLESHIP Ergonomic Keyboard

Angry Miao HATSU BATTLESHIP Ergonomic Keyboard

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Product Description
A split, ergonomic keyboard layout is celebrated for those who want natural arm angles and less strain on their shoulders and wrists—and the Angry Miao HATSU BATTLESHIP Ergonomic Keyboard takes that to gaming extremes. Fully separate, ergonomically contoured keyboard modules—one for each hand—allow you to space your left and your right hands exactly as far as you’d like for gaming or typing Read More

Oct 9, 2022
This board is actually quite amazing. I got one almost a year ago and it is one of my main boards in my rotation. If you like a split ortho linear, this is true endgame. The price is high, but the comfort and ergonomic frame more than make up for it. It absolutely takes getting used to, but I've been using the left half as a really nice game pad as well (like an orbweaver, without the cheap silicone that gets weird after a couple of years). As a connoisseur of ergonomic boards this is one of my top picks. I'm glad to see it for sale again it's a beast of a keyboard that will make even your keyboard hobbyist friends drool when they see it in person.
Oct 11, 2022
Thanks for the info! In the future I recommend against doing collabs if they cost so much for you too!
Oct 13, 2022
HahnzoCollab is much more expensive than people think (cost hundreds of thousands dollars with a renowned IP). Although SDARK is an artist only known in China, it was one of the reason why the Battleship ver. is expensive. Nevertheless it's mainly because the complicated craftmanship.
Oct 9, 2022
meme drop!
Oct 7, 2022
The willful ignorance, helplessness and histrionic posts here is far more shocking than the price -- do a little research for the love of your own useless mind...
Oct 8, 2022
Are you trying to go for the most ironic comments you can possibly make, or are you so lacking of introspection that you can't read the room?
Oct 9, 2022
The_Lone_FunmanI agree. The fact that they made Hatsu come to reality should be respected. Rocket is expensive, but people still make it.
Out of curiosity, is there a keyboard like this that's hot swappable, and programmable at a realistic price? I've been interested in this kind of layout, but mr Angry seems to be a little bit off his rocker with this asking price.
Oct 8, 2022
FlutteringRobotErgoDox or Moonlander. Both excellent wired split tented offset ortho backlit. With reasonable height contouring. Full contouring has always been more gimmick than anything. It presupposes that the users hands are all the same size and fingers are all the same length, and it just isn’t so. Even considering the wireless and materials, this is 2-3 times what it should cost as a legitimate keyboard product. This is not intended to be your most effective text entry device. It is intended to be your most expensive keyboard, and they still jacked the price on top of that. If you want a keyboard that actually addresses the problems of text entry, is extremely comfortable to use and requires almost no fingertip movement, look at the CharaChorder 1. It’s being used by people for stenography, coding, and general keyboarding and can seriously increase input speed. If you doth think you can invest the time to learn a totally new design, try the CharaChorder Lite. It’s a simple QWERTY layout that enables simultaneous key presses it has a shorter learning curve and a lower potential benefit, but the speed increases can be amazing.
Yoooo, this is sick. And by that I mean the price made me physically ill. That said, drop the price by a thousand and I’d probably buy it.
Oct 9, 2022
Appreciate the kind and honest reply. I'm not interested in this product at this price which is disappointing because it does look cool. What's especially confusing is that their earbuds seem like a competitively priced offering.
Oct 9, 2022
CoeurmasqueThe amount of R&D that went into this keeping both halves fully synced and lag free witbout a cable is part of what let them do the BT earbuds at the lower price point i believe. But I could be wrong. I think this was how they worked on "lag free" 3 way Bluetooth. Also the fact that it is 5 axis cnc machined which is an expensive process, "justify" the tag. I say this in quotes as it is extremely expensive still....I mulled over buying it for months before I pulled the trigger. I have no idea why the paint job on the battle ship costs so much and will not make any excuses for that pricing.
Oct 6, 2022
This is the price of a RTX4090…
Oct 6, 2022
Can I knock out someone with these?
Oct 5, 2022
Legend says, if you listen close, you can hear the ghost of this drops lone champion gently moaning, "ergonomic... professional..."
Oct 5, 2022
tankkannoThis just about killed me!
Oct 5, 2022
My heart goes out to all three of these guys

Oct 9, 2022
@WikkiYeah, how so? BTW, were you one of those guys by any chance?
WendigoooSomehow, it's actually up to 6 now. This is Drop, where many of us have spent more money than we probably had any right to, but it's comforting to see that we seemingly aren't made up of a majority of people with more money than brains.
Oct 5, 2022
> Plus, because of the unique four-by-six layout  Good god...
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