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Dec 10, 2014
nice to see an update, the waiting game continues...though my waiting game for the K7XX is ever longer since i was in the feb shipping group none the less i cannot wait for this combo, and i am counting the days for my modmic ive been micless for 3 weeks my gaming is not as fun w.o skype teamspeak etc still its not like i planned for my mic to break days after i ordered the modmic if anything this is a foreshadowing as in my old "desktop mic" salvaged from a gate way from '98 lol!Lived its last day long enough to see to it that i had a replacement and it died happily. :) thx massdrop and fellow donators i honestly just heard about the Modmic like a week before this drop i was glad that another antlion product came up because i was disappointed that i missed the previous one just barely its so awesome that this site/company can accommodate consumers like myself. I needed a mic to pair with good headphones so that i did not have to use a "headset" i found this after some googling wanted a vid review who would i find but a Linus whom i am already subbed to interestingly enough the sole person responsible for my introduction to Massdrop. Also the first/only person that had any content at all on the K7XX vid wise. Great cross promotion no sarcasm here its merely a medium for massdrop to reach out people like me and these 2 products leaped out and screamed buy me. PLS massdrop can you give a referral to Linus tech tips/NCIX. Ty i am not entirely sure how to give referral credit, i may have missed it at purchase.
Dec 10, 2014
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