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Nov 1, 2018
These days there is so much radio frequency interference from cell towers, wi-fi, local radio and tv transmitters, packed FM dials and other sources that can make terrestrial digital TV reception tricky/difficult. An antenna with an amplifier, as this one is, can be overwhelmed by this interference and actually perform worse than an un-amplified antenna. Good shielding and construction of the antenna can help with that, but filters such as an FM trap, CB filter, and a 4G LTE filter (as in this set) can keep the interference below a level that messes with the signals you're trying to receive. Also of note, this antenna includes the FM band and high-VHF as well as UHF so all broadcast signals are covered, unlike many similar units which are really only effective for UHF signals. (This does leave the possibility of overload from a nearby FM station - I recommend adding an FM trap to the line as well if you're using it for TV only.) Overall, this unit seems to have a good, up-to-date design that should perform well as a compact antenna over a wide range of conditions. I have installed a similar array on my balcony in my urban, high EMI/RFI environment which includes a 4G LTE filter built into the antenna amplifier and the results have been very good in the number, quality, and stability of channels received. The price seems quite competitive for this type of gizmo, provided it is well-made and durable. If you've been struggling with antennas and uneven or unreliable reception, this one may take you a significant step in the right direction. Would love to try it myself!
Nov 1, 2018
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