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Oct 16, 2017
I think it is important to remember all of the positive thIngs people have said here are a few. However as people have the right to say what they want, I also have the right to defend our pricing and product. Some of the issues raised her are valid, and as promised I have already emailed My buyers at Massdrop. That being said, the issues people seem to be most upset about is the shipping and pricing. I have no control of shipping. I do have say yes n pricing. Right now Massdrop is over 40% off. That is a good deal. If anyone would like to ask questions about the design of materials I’m at work our disposal. Otherwise if you want to discuss more about Massdrop shipping policies, I’ve said my peace. I won’t address this due any more. bought the paring knife and the santoku. When I bought the santoku I hadn't really paid attention to the contour of the edge in the product pictures, I assumed it was like a traditional santoku. Out of the box this was something that worried me, because I was looking for a santoku for the straight up-and-down chopping motion vs the gliding-slicing action you'd use with a german style knife. I have to say upon using it I was thoroughly impressed. The contour of this knife opens it up to being an incredibly versatile kitchen knife. Not only can it function like a traditional santoku, but it also functions like a European style chefs knife. This means that not only can you use it like you would a santoku, but you can also use it as a chefs knife, and even use it for a hybrid style of a chopping-slicing style motion. So in addition to functioning as a santoku for lots of chopping, it can serve as a chefs knife when I don't need a 10" chefs knife or if I simply don't want to get another knife dirty. Very useful, and very well thought design that I wouldn't expect at this price point.
The paring knife is what I expected. I wanted a wider blade with a nice belly on it. Having used a traditional paring knife for the past few years I found that something with a good belly on it makes it easier to cut through harder food because less of the blade is actually in contact creating less friction, and better control of detail for finer paring tasks again because you can engage less of the cutting edge for more precise cuts.
The steel is excellent, excellent resistance to corrosion, holds an great edge for a long time, not incredibly difficult to sharpen comparable to VG-10 in that regards but I have yet to need to sharpen again since I got them after I changed the angle right off the bat(my preference, not required). I'd say all around I'm more impressed with the edge retention of this steel compared to VG-10. If using in a professional setting I wouldn't doubt you could get through a full days work with a very workable edge, and only requiring the occasional stropping to keep that razors edge. 2 weeks of heavy use and I've had to strop only once. This steel will take a pretty polished edge also, I'd say 3 micro, nearly mirror finish.
The handle of this knife really fills the hand, and has a great contour with a nice swell for the palm to rest in. It's also fairly well balanced, being slightly heavier towards the blade. I assume the pommel on the end is to balance the blade since it does have a fairly thick spine.
All-in-all this has to be the best value I've come across. Great steel, great design, very functional. Would highly recommend this knife whether for professional use or the average home gamer. thumb_up+ 9 replyReply share Share more_horiz My 10" chef's knife came in the mail today and I have to say I'm seriously in love. As the second knife I've purchased from the Dragon line it seriously shows that the quality of your product is across the board. It went right into my knife roll, but not after being heavily ogled and admired. I can't wait to use it at work tomorrow, and I'm really starting to get an itch to purchase the rest of the Dragon and Dragon Fire lines. I can't remember exactly how I stumbled upon these knives but it was only by chance and I'm so glad I did. Thank you for taking the time to make such a nice product. The workmanship that goes into these is truly evident and I hope to see even more offerings in the future with the BD1N steel.
I already have 4 Dragon knives. They great knives - sharp and well balanced in the hand. I was missing the 9-inch bread knife to finish out my Dragon knife set. So glad it is being offered in this drop.
Want to add not only are these great knives, Apogee and Mr. Epstein really care about the product and the consumer. I had a concern about one of my Dragon knives from a early purchase. Mr. Epstein responded in less than a day to immediately address my concern. Outstanding product and outstanding service.
Oct 16, 2017
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