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Jun 5, 2018
Hi all,
Can anyone help me out? I'm pretty new to the audiophile game and am a little lost. I have a Pyle PLTTB3U USB Turntable. I have recently in the past few months purchased the Little Dot MKIII and have connected this turntable to that device. I don't have a good pair of cans yet, so I've been primarily using the Little Dot MKIII as as preamp into my Sony Receiver. Originally i had the record player on phono, but when I had it all connected correctly to the Phono channel of my receiver, i would hear these slight bumps in the background, kinda like a bassey, rythmic thud. When i switch the record player to digital, and plug the little dot mkiii to a digital channel in the receiver, no thuds.
I've joined this drop in hopes that I can replace my receiver with this tube amplifier, but I'd like to have it come out as an analog sound. Is the Little Dot MKIII and this APPJ mini2013 meant to be DACs? Should i be playing around with the gain switches in the little dot mkIII to get rid of the thuds? would it even be worth using the little mk3 as a preamp, connecting to this APPJ mini2013?
EDIT: as a side note, those thuds aren't coming from any music. if you're not playing a record at all, and raise the volume, you can hear the thuds. i'm assuming it's the electrical currents of the tubes but i can't be sure.
Thanks for anyone who can help!
Jun 5, 2018
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