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Oct 25, 2017
This is a great deal on these watches! I believe I paid $400 for my ISO401 in June of 2016 off a different (but similar) site. Almost a year and a half of nearly daily use, and keeps perfect time and no scratches or issues. My favorite feature is the T-100 rating for the Tritium, which makes the markers bright enough to clearly see from my bed to my nightstand in the wee hours of the night, but it's not so bright that it's distracting. In other words, perfect brightness (for me). Reading the below comments, I just learned about the "linked rubber" watch band, (ArmourLite, is that the IPU400?) which I never noticed before, but might have to try. I'm not affiliated with ArmourLite, but I sure do like their products!
Oct 25, 2017
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