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Jan 31, 2017
Just got mine. One of the better 18650 headlamps for sure. I got warm, but it is definitely a neutral not warm. Hard to find a legitimate warm headlamp. Definitely too bulky for EDC use as well though which is unfortunate. It is bulkier in person. Some of the other 18650 headlamps are more compact but equally capable for light output. The 2000 lumens turbo 2 is definitely overrated and not ANSI standard. I've noticed that manufacturers like to overrate turbo modes consistently especially ArmyTek. Worth the discounted price, but there are better options out there for a little more. The beam is a cross between focus and flood. If you want to see far away, you waste a ton of battery, but if you want to see close up, it isn't wide enough. Depending on your uses, this might work well if you don't care about power conserving and don't need to do inspection work.
Jan 31, 2017
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