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Sep 9, 2017
Purchased the normal one!
Went to Fry's and sat in the chair for an hour. I figured Fry's was a good choice considering lots of people sit in those chairs so they clearly aren't brand new. I'm a very fit 6'00" 200lbs and didn't notice any strain or uncomfort within the hour of browsing my phone and spinning around. Reviews I read and videos I watched kept insisting the plastic covers on the hinge connecting the backrest and cushion are cheap. Fry's just didn't install them and it looked better without it. The only thing I noticed while sitting for that long were my alternative sitting positions felt hindered. Folding a leg under or tossing a leg over an armrest (not at the same time) weren't as comfortable as I am used to, but leaning a shoulder on the wings and dropping an elbow on the cushioned arm rest felt great. the lumbar pillow felt fine and the head pillow seems necessary unless you enjoy the feeling of a metal frame touching your cranium. The color also seemed washed out due to maybe the lighting and wear. I only had access to blue, green, black and grey. I ordered red. You can't go wrong with red.
Sep 9, 2017
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