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Oct 9, 2018
I've been waiting for this review to come up. Wow. Save your money and buy a DxRacer chair. I got mine from their website for like $80 off regular price. This chair arrived with the box so badly damaged, I could stick my entire leg into the box w/o having to cut tape. You would think that might have caused some damage to the interior parts....they didn't look like they were damaged so much from that, but it seemed like it was used. There were dings and dents in the base. Also, the upper back section broke in two places, made it useless. Mine currently holds some clothes in my bedroom. Also, they include some gaming glasses free, and I was excited about those. They had a scratch in the right lens right in front of the eye. In the exact spot you look through. I know their free, but what good is that if their useless? Can I give it lower than one star? Trash to be honest. Perspective on pricing...I got my DxRacer chair for $100 more than this one. Save your money and get a quality product. I was able to overlook the visual imperfections as long as the chair stood up because of the price. (I paid more than $150 for it originally.) It didn't. Broke about 4 months after purchase. Finally I contacted Massdrop to get in contact with the seller to replace the glasses, and I heard nothing. When the chair broke, I cut my losses and got a good one.
Oct 9, 2018
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