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May 21, 2014
Personally, I have used a regular, a Razer (precision), an Artisan Hein, and the Artisan Hayate mouse pad.
Based on this experience, so far the Artisan's quality is much better than those mentioned. I have yet to fray the Artisan, however, the Hein (hard) was warped after washing with hot-warm water. The newer Hayate pads seem to have forgone the harder foam layer for something more flexible and a very sticky bottom mat (almost like a Super Sticky Post-It note).
Tracking on any mouse pad can be a hit or miss, especially, when you are using a laser-based mice. They tend not to like softer mous epads and tend to like one's with harder and less porous surfaces.
While the Artisan mouse pads are good, they are also quite expensive as they are made in Japan and constructed of high quality materials.
May 21, 2014
May 25, 2014
define expensive.
qck or literally every major brand's entry level cloth/plastic surface, 10-20-30 bucks. . kai g2/small hien/shiden/shidenkai/zero, 10-25 bucks,
metal pads 30-60, large artisan pads, 30-50 bucks.
do you HAVE to quote the LARGE artisan pad prices ? Go high dpi and you don't need to worry about buying big ones and wasting the desk space.
hard none metal pads warp, such is life.
May 25, 2014
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