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Oct 30, 2019
I have this knife and I like it a lot. A good deal of what I use a pocket knife for is slicing open boxes along the tape line. The heavier blade on this makes this work easy. It's also good for opening envelopes and pouch type packages. Basically, EDC type cutting. I think it would also be good for cutting up food in the field. Again, the weight of the blade seems like it would be an asset here. Especially cutting through hard foods, like crusty bread, or carrots, etc. One complaint I have, however, is with the clip. It's awful. While it worked well, I snagged it on something and it bent outward very, very easily. It now sticks out at such an angle, that I can't now use the knife unless I remove it. The clip is made out of the wrong kind of steel. It's relatively thin, and flexible and pliable. It will work fine as a clip if you never snag it, but if you do, it will bend outward very easily, and it will spring right back to that deformed position when you try to bend it flat again. I own dozens of pocket knives, and I have yet to experience a clip that deforms this easily. Any ideas on where to get a third party replacement clip?
Oct 30, 2019
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