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Feb 14, 2017
After numerous emails about receiving my light it appeared that the postman placed it in the wrong mailbox. Not only that but I never received a word about them sending the wrong light. It seems that the support staff at Massdrop don't read the emails they receive or they don't understand English.After far to many emails and the opening of a case with PayPal did Ava get involved and having to send the same email explaining that I had not received anything did she finally understand and quit asking me if I wanted to keep the lights and get a coupon or something like that. Then she tried to get me to drop the PayPal case without resolving anything and I refused. At that point she refunded my money and Pay Pal closed the case. This is the second problem I've had with. The first being a defective light that they said they would replace and didn't with the outcome of a refund. Out of 4 or 5 items purchased from Massdrop I've had 2 less than stellar experiences. I'm trying again on the S41 but I'm only buying one light this time opposed to the two ordered previously.
Feb 14, 2017
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