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May 11, 2014
Have the same problem as ToasterHost. Was really happy with them until the left went out after a few hours. If I can't fiddle it into functioning in the next day I guess I'll be talking to support, too.
Two out of 337 reporting defective IEMs seems high considering I didn't find any results for the AX-35s failing in this way. Maybe not. Kind of a bummer though.
Edit: For anyone who encounters the same problem soon after getting them(one side significantly quieter, but not silent; no distortion or crackling) and for whom the AX-35 is their first IEM, let me save you some googling:
Swap the earpieces into opposite ears. If problem persists in same channel, proceed. If problem stays in same ear, it's the seal.
Swap the eartips(the rubbery or foam bits) and again check if the problem follows the ear or the channel. If the channel, proceed. If the ear at this point, could be your ear canal is an Interesting Shape.
Although it's unlikely to be a cable fault given the symptoms, try gently massaging the cord near the bud to check for any difference in sound. If no, proceed.
It's been noted in at least one thread I found that although the most common cause is earwax build-up(this being unlikely within the first day, to say the least) humidity saturating the mesh may cause this problem. Leave them unused for a day or so and check again. That's the extent of the troubleshooting that I've come across so far.
May 11, 2014
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