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May 15, 2014
They've arrived (Toronto); came in yesterday, picked them up today. Looking good, sounding fine.
The post office got quite confused; their computer system thought that the package was unavailable even though the fellow had the box sitting in his hand (and I could make out labelling indicating Massdrop and Astrotec, so I knew it was all in order).
The package number that I got (CM000054817US) never "resolved" in either USPS or Canada Post web-based tracking systems. USPS thought it was a duplicate; Canada Post never thought it existed.
FYI, I was also in on the Zippo drop, which was delivered yesterday (it fit in my mailbox; the earphones wouldn't!), where there was a somewhat similar tracking number phenomenon. For its tracking number, USPS again thought it was a dupe, whereas Canada Post thought it was delivered on March 12th, presumably to someone else.
So it seems that whatever is getting fed back from the vendor that's handling mailing has something broken in the tracking numbers they are passing back.
May 15, 2014
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