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Apr 20, 2017
Ok 5 mins in and im already 80% sure these will not be coming back off unil i need to clean them.
I expected to lose a lot more bass.. i honestly cant even tell if any is gone and im a basshead at heart, im happy. Treble and mids is where i notice some sonic changes. Ill elaborate: treble seemed to get a lil more lose, definitely lost a little speed. Mids tucked in just a lil further, sorta now matching my v-moda m100 mids now (i know i have 2 in the same category of headphones lol). The sound in general seemed to have smoothed out just a tad.
I want to clarify this, i am coming from the (what i consider extremely comfy) dekoni m50x replacement pads.
Comfort: i feel like i must say they match dekonis on comfort but in different ways. Where the dekoni are just pure memory foam plush pillows on your head. These are ultimately more still, matching stock pads i feel. However, they are comfy, i will have to respond after a few sessions to as i started this 2 songs in for long term comfort. I feel like the velvet presents a more breathable feel (it felt much hotter at first, just not used to it, i dont have any cans without pleather pads. This seemed to tone down after i got the drivers pushing some vibrations around.)
As each song passes as i collect my thoughts and write this, i just stop to enjoy the song, not caring about finishing the segment.
Ok were back, application: 5 minutes, they are meant to fit so they will need to stretch as they sure can while applying. Just be patient, pad changes are sometimes frustrating, youll find some good techniques on youtube.
I would say 7/10 where stock pads get a 5.5/10(yes there are worse stock pads, by far)
Apr 20, 2017
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