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Jun 21, 2015
I received my pads not too long ago, and these are undoubtedly super comfortable! When I'm on my phone and watching videos or listening to music, you almost forget that you're wearing headphones. A few times I've actually fallen asleep watching videos with these on. They're just that comfortable!
As others have said before, these pads do like to attract lint and dust [img:20150620_141805.eym.jpg] . Admittedly, I wasn't particularly trying to keep these as clean as possible, I usually just leave them on my bed or chair (which is why they seem full of lint).
Honestly, if you are mindful enough to not leave them on dusty furniture and perhaps put them on a headphone stand (or banana holder), these will accumulate minimal lint. Even then, the specks of lint are not very noticeable unless you go really up close (which the camera emphasized A LOT more than my eyes).
I was lucky enough to get the black pads, and these look very sleek on my black ATH-M50X.
I highly recommend grabbing these on the next drop!
EDIT: Imgur mirror if picture doesn't show up
Jun 21, 2015
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